Learn for Excellence:  for those who will go far

History and Mission 

Founded June, 2010 in Watsonville, CA. 

In early 2010, I visited a Kumon tutoring center in Watsonville, CA. The director informed me
that she was planning to close the tutoring center. I decided to take over the business. However,
I decided to start my own system of tutoring, not use the Kumon system, which did not meet my standards.
Thus I started Learn for Excellence.

I ran the business for more than 4 years in Watsonville, and had many very rewarding experiences with students
during that time. However Watsonville was a long commute and I wanted to grow the business.

November, 2014 moved to Salinas, CA.
I had several students driving over to Watsonville from Salinas, asking me to come to Salinas,
so when a very nice facility in Salinas became available, I decided to make the change.

The mission is to provide high-quality, affordable education. This is accomplished through a tutoring program,
in which we personally meet with and help our students. Our main emphasis is on teaching math and English 1-12.
We also offer advanced placement calculus, and plan to offer other college level classes eventually.

The emphasis is on “high-quality.” My long term goal is to teach excellence. The goal is that all of our students
become the best they are capable of, the best in their schools.

Education is not something that happens in a month or two. In any worthwhile field of endeavor,
it takes years to make a master. It takes many years of training to become a world class pianist
or violinist, to become a world class distance runner, or world class athlete in any sport.
Similarly, it takes years to become an outstanding scientist, doctor, or engineer.
The same goes for excellence in education.

Our 1-12 math and reading programs are designed to give high quality education, the best.
This what is different about Learn for Excellence.

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