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Learn for Excellence, LLC - Personalized Learning Center | Marina, CA


Personalized Learning Center in Marina, CA

Learn for Excellence: "for those who will go far!"

Tutoring in Math, English, Language Arts
Bert Lundy, Founder and Director

Learn for Excellence, LLC is here to serve students throughout Monterey County, CA. We are a personalized learning center in Marina, CA, with a method that is based on individual tutoring for long-term goals and college preparation. Our program is a stand-alone teaching program; it is not dependent on any school curriculum, and skills are implemented more effectively and efficiently than in a school.

"I started this program because I was very unhappy with the education American kids are getting. I wanted only the BEST for my son. Now, I want the BEST for all my students at Learn for Excellence. I want them to get the best education possible."

--Bert Lundy, August 2017

Comprehensive High-Quality, Affordable Education in Marina, CA

We are a personalized learning center in Marina, CA, with a method that is based on individual tutoring for long-term goals and college preparation. Our independent school program was founded in 2010 out of necessity to stop the closure of the tutoring center in Watsonville. We initiated our system of tutoring and for over four years, we have had many rewarding experiences with all of the students during that time. We then decided to grow our business.

When Learn for Excellence was founded, it was on the principal of high-quality, affordable education. In Marina, CA, we accomplish this through a tutoring program in which we meet with and assist our students. The long-term goal is to teach excellence and enable students to become the best they can be.

It takes many years to master education, so we are not in a hurry, and we try to enjoy every moment. Doctors, scientists, engineers -- these careers do not just happen. They take training, patience, and perseverance for even a spot at the starting line. As for any educational level, inspiration does not just happen overnight.

Curriculum and Teaching Mode

As mentioned, the programs we offer are NOT dependent on any school curriculum. This means that we have developed our program and materials to be more intense than in public or most private schools, so we can endeavor to gear our students for excellence.

Our tutoring in math focuses on preparing students for their admission to college. This tutoring is an essential academic subject, and our students are expected to attend it. Our standards are much higher than in traditional school settings.

We do help our students with their homework, but we have found that after just a few months in our program, most students find schoolwork to be easy. For this reason, we consider our style of teaching ideal for homeschooled students. We are very aware of the requirements for students to gain admission to most universities, so our program has been specially designed to meet and even exceed these.

We offer tutoring in English as well as tutoring in language arts, tutoring in Math, English, and Language Arts for Monterey County, CA, pupils, which again, is vital for academic success and gaining admission to college. Students are required to pass spelling and vocabulary tests with perfect or nearly perfect scores. Both of our math and reading programs are inclusive for grades one to twelve.

Our center is committed to preparing your child for their future. If you are interested in enhancing their education by placing them in our facility, reach out to our center, and one of our experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions for you.

Contact our learning center today to schedule a consultation about placing your child on one or more of our programs. We proudly serve Marina, and the surrounding areas throughout Monterey County, CA.

Location: 201 John Street, Suite K, Salinas, CA, 93901

Phone: 831-758-7676


Hours: Monday to Friday 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm by appointment

Founded June, 2010 to provide excellent, affordable education in:
-- Mathematics         -- English and Language Arts
-- Spanish                  -- Geography