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Learn for Excellence: "for those who will go far!"

Personalized Learning Center in Salinas, CA

Tutoring in Math, English, Language Arts
Bert Lundy, Founder and Director
Founded June, 2010

201 John Street, Suite K,
Salinas, CA, 93901
Phone: 831-758-7676
Email: bertlundy@mac.com

Hours: Monday to Friday 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm by appointment

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Learn for Excellence is here to serve students throughout Monterey County, CA.
It is a system for teaching which I developed, based on individual tutoring for the long
term, especially college preparation.
The primary emphasis is on excellence in math, English reading, vocabulary, and related areas.
We also work on character development and self improvement.
It is a stand-alone, proven teaching program; not dependent on any school curriculum;
skills are taught more effectively and efficiently than in schools.
My purpose, from the beginning, remains to give my students the best education possible.

High-Quality, Affordable Education in Salinas, CA

I founded this program in 2010 to offer high quality, affordable education.
This is done through a tutoring program in which we meet with and assist our students.
The long-term goal is to teach excellence and enable students to become the best they can be.

It takes years to become a master in any area. Doctors, scientists, engineers -- these
careers do not just happen. They require training, patience, and perseverance.
This program is for long term, goal-oriented, serious students.

Curriculum and Teaching Mode

As mentioned, the programs we offer are NOT dependent on any school curriculum. I have developed
the program and materials to be more intense than in public or private schools, to teach our students excellence.

Tutoring in math focuses on preparing students for admission to college. Our standards are much higher than in traditional school settings.

We help our students with school homework when necessary, but after a few months in our program, most students find schoolwork to be easy.
The program is excellent for homeschooled students also.
I know the requirements for admission to US universities, the program is designed to meet or exceed these.

The program also includes English reading comprehension and vocabulary, writing and geography.
Students are required to pass spelling and vocabulary tests with perfect or nearly perfect scores.

I am committed to preparing your child for their future. If you are interested in my program, call the number or email me and we'll get started.