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English Program: Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and More

Importance of the English Program. I first want to stress that reading and writing is a critical skill
which all responsible adults need, both in order to be successful in life as well as to be responsible citizens.
Along with math, it is also one of the two major skills tested on college entrance examinations.
For these reasons we consider the English program as one of the two core programs at Learn.
Our goal is the ALL of our students become very competent in English skills as well as in math.

I will go even farther.
If I were forced to choose between the alternatives of having a very, very well read person and only average at math,
or very, very good at math but only an average reader, for most people the first is the BETTER choice.
I have a degree in mathematics, so I don't make this statement lightly.
I sincerely believe that one of the real problems in America today is that too many people don't read enough.
(But of course, we'll be better off if most of us are very good at both math and English).

The reading program is for grades 1-12, and may be thought of as having three major levels:
Primary, Intermediate and Advanced. The primary level is for grades 1 through 6, the intermediate level is for grades 6-9, and the advanced level is for high school students, or grades 10-12. Students vary widely in ability, so these grade levels are given as a guide.


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